What Lies Below 2020

about movie What Lies Below 2020 :

What Lies Below is a 2020 US horror, mystery, science fiction, and thriller film written and directed by “Cut R. “Dummler” has been made. Actors such as “Emma Horvat”, the actor of the movie “The Mortuary Collection”, “Troy Iwata”, “Danny Corbo”, “Mena Savari”, “Terry Tucker”, the actor of the movie “The Matchmaker’s Playbook” , “Ulan Montgomery” and “Husky Velazquez” star in this film.

“What Lies Below” went online on December 4, 2020 by Vertical Entertainment in the United States. The film received 50% satisfaction out of 6 reviews published on the Rotten Tomatoes movie review website.

Story :

A 16-year-old girl returns home from the camp and finds out that her mother has a new wife, her mother’s husband is a man with unusual charm, intelligence and beauty who does not seem to be human at all …

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Views: 15

Genre: Thriller

Duration: 87 min

IMDb: 4.6