The Beast 2020

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The Beast is a Italian action, crime, drama and thriller film. Directed by Ludovico Di Martino. Actors such as “Fabrizio Gifoni”, actor of “Human Capital” (download movie “Human Capital”), “Lino Mozella”. “Monica Pizzo”. “Andre Pnakchi”. “Emmanuel Linfti” and “Niccolo Gallaso” star in

this film.

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(The Beast) on November 27, 2020 by Netflix in Argentina. Australia. Canada. Germany. Spain. France. Hungary. India. Italy. Mexico. Netherlands. Norway. Poland. Singapore. Turkey and the United States went online.


Leonida Riva is a veteran of a strange and isolated war, once the captain of the Army Special Forces. Life and work have taken Riva away from her family. His eldest son, Matthias, never forgave …

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Views: 60

Genre: ActionCrimeDramaThriller

Duration: 97 min

IMDb: 5.5