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about Do Not Reply 2019 movie:

Do not answer ( Do Not Reply ) a film in the genre of horror and thriller , the United States of America 2019, directed and written by “Daniel Vltvsh” and “Walter Vltvsh” is made. “Jackson Ratbon” , “Amanda Arcory” , “Carrie Madders” , “Elise Lothman”, the actress of “Applecart” movie  ( download Applecart movie ) , “Ashley Foss”, “Ivan Milan”, “Courtney Hegler”, “Nikki Lee”, ” Caitlin Black, Koran Walters, Savannah Connick, Tom Gassum Jr., John Alsop, Naya Damasen, and Eddie DiazThey have played a role in this film. 

“Do Not Reply ” premiered on October 24, 2019 at the Orlando Film Festival and on October 2, 2020 in the United States. It is also scheduled for release on March 26, 2021 in the UK.  This movie has an  R  (adult)ratingand is not recommended for under 18s. “



Chelsea is kidnapped by Brad via a social network and captured along with other girls who are supposed to be victims of his murdered virtual reality murders.



Product Country: USA

Duration: 98 minutes

Overall sales: Unregistered

6.410 /


Votes: 81 people

Director: Daniel Woltosz

Cast: Amanda Arcuri , Jackson Rathbone , Kerri Medders

Synopsis: Chelsea, a teenager, is kidnapped by Brad through a social media program and captured along with other girls who are supposed to be victims of his virtual reality murdered murders.

Critics score

Out of 100 R

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Views: 23

Genre: Thriller

Duration: 98 min

IMDb: 4.2