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story of Army of One 2020:

Out hiking, Special Forces Brenner Baker stumbles onto a Cartel’s compound. Her husband’s killed and she’s left for dead. The Cartel made two mistakes, killed her husband and left her alive. They won’t live to make another.

ARMY OF ONE (2020) Reviews: A drugs cartel faces a woman's vengeance -

Army of One is a 2020 American action thriller about a young woman taking vengeance against the drugs cartel that killed her husband.

Directed by Stephen Durham from a screenplay co-written by Mary Ann Barnes, David Dittlinger and Ellen Hollman, the movie stars Ellen Hollman (The Matrix 4), Matt Passmore (The Glades), Stephen Dunlevy (Mad Max: Fury Road) and Kendra Carelli (Guardians of the Galaxy).



While camping deep in the backwoods of Alabama a married couple, Dillon and Brenner Baker are out hiking when they stumble across an illegal drug and gun storage compound. Before they can flee the area the cartel captures and interrogates them painfully.

However, the cartel goons make two mistakes: they kill Dillon and think they killed Brenner. Now, 1st Lieutenant Brenner Baker of the Army’s 75th Ranger Division is on a one-woman killing mission carving up everyone in her path until there’s only one person standing, her. Brenner is, an Army of One!

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Army of One is an action-packed thriller with strong female lead performances. The love and care for its subject matter is evident across every area, and Ellen Hollman is an action star in the making […] Joining the ranks of other vigilante heroines as seen in films such as Peppermint, The Brave Ones, Coffy, and Kill Bill, Durham’s Army of One is an enjoyable ride of an action film that will leave you cheering and crying by its end.” Killer Horror Critic

“Ellen Hollman in the leading role is great to watch, being the action heroine that makes the film stand out, with the physical performance needed during the fights. Matt Passmore along with the support cast all give us strong performance, even if some of the redneck figures might not have the strongest death reactions.” Movie Reviews 101

“Hollman’s star is beginning to rise in Hollywood and her skills are on full display here. Director, Stephen Durham did a fantastic job at keeping the action coming and the film moving at a nice pace. Army of One is going to be a surprise hit through strong word of mouth. It is an adrenalin-pumping action film that is sure to please all fans of the genre.” Video Views

“While it doesn’t have the budget to stage massive action set pieces Army of One does have plenty of bodies to throw at our heroine. And it does, there’s plenty of fights, chases, shootings, stabbings, impalements. The film keeps moving and doesn’t bog down in talk, a mistake way too many films like this make.” Voices from the Balcony

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In the USA, Army of One will be unleashed on VOD on December 15, 2020, by Uncork’d Entertainment

Cast and characters:

Ellen Hollman … Brenner Baker
Matt Passmore … Dillon Baker
Stephen Dunlevy … Hank
Kendra Carelli … Emily
Barry Hanley … Lance
Gary Kasper … Butch
Cameron Bowen … Jesse
Geraldine Singer … Mama
Duke Jackson … Cleetus
Casey Hendershot … Earl
Debbie Sheridan … Connie
Aviel Ayoung … Drill Sergeant
Stephanie Lynn Styles … Sheriff Dispatcher
HemDee Kiwanuka … Dean
Michael Konanec … Carl

Filming locations:



Technical details:

86 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.35: 1


Not to be confused with the 2016 comedy of the same name that stars Nicolas Cage and Russell Brand.

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Genre: Action

Duration: 90 min